Your company website represents your business online. So many times at Trumpet Marketing we speak with businesses that have websites that don’t bring in the business and bottom line… the “money”. Business owners say “We have a spiffy looking website that we spent a lot of money on, but we are not getting business”. They will say “we use to get 5 to 15 good leads a month but now I’m getting zero.” We hear it a lot and the bottom line is these business owners were fooled or tricked by SEO companies and web developers who don’t know what they are doing. Everyone knows that a website today has to be optimized to rank in search engines, such as Google and the others, but these fly-by-night companies focus too much on getting to the top of the search results that they forget the most important piece! “Your Marketing to People, not Google. If the website doesn’t clearly convey what you do, present your message and why a prospective client needs your service or product, all is lost!

We call this marketing mumbo jumbo and old fashion keyword stuffing. Your website needs to take the time to explain exactly what you do and  how you are different than your competitors. It needs to provide a strong call to action for your website visitors to contact you. No tricks, no bait, just simply explain your case and provide your pitch and you will see the difference. Many times, we find that clients don’t even know what content is being presented on their website. They read the main highlights but never bothered to really read and examine the entire website message. In some cases, we have seen sites that don’t even have enough written content to even attract the search engines. A site with too many graphic messages or text built into graphics, don’t work for search engines because there is not text for the search engines to index.  Here is the bottom line… there are an overwhelming number of companies and people claiming to be website marketing guru’s, but the real truth is they are not, they are people who have read a few articles on the topic of SEO, can build simple flashy websites and push to rank sites they build in Google searches. They are technically-lost SEO geeks, not marketing professionals. They try tricks to attempt to outwit Google (Huge Mistake!) and sell people into expensive websites. These SEO geeks couldn’t sell candy to a kid!

You need an experienced marketing company that will build a website that will persuade visitors that you’re the answer to what they are looking for. If you fail at this core message, you will lose and the leads will not come in and the phone will not ring. Don’t get us wrong. SEO is important but your website messaging is the most important.

Do you know what your website message is? Have your really read your website content? You need a website strategy and a strong message that will focus on generating real leads and business from your website.

Trumpet Marketing can work with you on building that strong marketing message and build a website that will not only rank high in search results, but a website that will also convey a clear message about your business service or product and provide an easy way for visitors to contact you. Don’t wait. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation (301) 515-4184.