Website Maintenance

Healthy websites perform best. Let us  help with maintenance.

Trumpet Marketing provides website maintenance services.   We can put together a custom maintenance plan based on your unique requirements, we can perform maintenance on an hourly basis or for the convenience of our clients, we offer a Standard Website Maintenance Plan for WordPress Sites.   We offer similar plans for static website, eCommerce sites and sites built on other content management systems such as Joomla and Drupal.

Standard Website Maintenance Plan for WordPress® Clients

Website Changes & Edits – Trumpet Marketing can assist you in keeping your website content fresh and up to date. From text changes to new or replaced graphics, Trumpet Marketing can assist you in keeping your website updated.

Trumpet Marketing will make changes to your site in a timely professional manner.  Under the standard maintenance plan, Trumpet Marketing will provide 1 hour per month website edits and updates. This includes adding pictures or graphics, replacing pictures and graphics, content editing, etc.  Hours are not accumulative and do not roll over month to month. Value ($1,140)
Discounted Rate on Additional Services – For clients under our maintenance plan, we offer a discounted rate on hourly services.

WordPress Updates – Trumpet Marketing will configure and apply all current WordPress updates to your site. It’s important to apply the newest WordPress updates to ensure your sites safety and security features. Applying these updates will help prevent hackers from breaking into your website and inserting malicious code. This code can harm your site and cause you to lose your sites position in search engine results. Google, Bing and other search engines may even de-list your site if you experience this problem.

WordPress Plug-in Updates – Wordpress is a very popular content management system and website using its framework use “Plugins” that provide different types of functionality. As WordPress its self is updated so are many the plugins updated and it’s important to keep these plugins updated regularly to ensure the proper good overall health of your website. Trumpet Marketing will monitor active installed plugins that your site uses and ensure they are updated to newer versions in a timely fashion and when it is safe to do so to take full advantage of any new capabilities that may be offered as plug-ins are updated.

Website Backups – Are you backing up your website on a regular basis? Is your website’s backend database properly protected? Trumpet Marketing will configure complete backups of your website content and database on a regular basis. This will ensure you always have current up to date backups in case disaster strikes.  Don’t be caught without a website backup as you run the risk of losing your website completely.

Uptime Monitoring – Many times hosting providers will have issues with web servers and your site can experience outages. Trumpet Marketing will monitor your website and ensure that your hosting provider is providing you the reliability you need. If the server for which your site resides has frequent outages, this can possibly harm your sites rankings and you can directly lose business which could prevent current customers and potential new customers from reaching you. If your site’s performance is poor, we will assist you in moving to a different server or even a different hosting provider.

Website Restores – If your site is hacked and or defaced with unwanted malicious code or even deleted, Trumpet Marketing will help restore your website and help prevent lengthy outages.  Trumpet Marketing will restore your website in a timely manner that will reduce downtime and lost business, provided we’ve been able to maintain regular backups.  This service can be costly if performed outside of our maintenance plans.  Also, an outage or flag for a hacked site can erase your website from search engine results and seriously impact your ability to generate leads.

Email Configurations – We can assist you in adding or deleting email accounts that are tied to your website and hosting provider. Trumpet Marketing can also configure forwarding and complex email configurations that many companies now require.  Don’t lose control of your email. Let us help you maintain control of your business email.

Terms and conditions subject to change – Trumpet Marketing is not responsible for any lost information or data contained on a website

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